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Volunteering in Cameroon - Africa
Computer Program

Unless we increase access to computers, the technology gap between Africa and developed countries will continue to widen. The internet and other technologies have made the world an increasingly global community, facilitating the exchange of ideas, information, and skills across geographic distances. Volunteers will teach basic computer skills to senior pupils in small classes of 4 to 10 students. The curriculum includes topics like creating and organizing files, sending/receiving email, using the Internet, and more. We will provide volunteers with technical support, resources and materials, and training as needed.

Skills Needed :

Familiarity with Microsoft Office and computers, Patience teaching beginners and staff , Available for communication via email.

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CAPEC Volunteer Opportunities Cameroon, Africa - Computer Program

Volunteering in Cameroon - Africa
Environmental Education / Tree Planting/Gardening

Volunteers will identify, develop and carry out practical hands-on projects in our school environmental clubs. The project is aimed at achieving transformative education for sustainable development. School garden supervision and tree planting exercises are some of the activities associated in this program. The position is very challenging and needs someone creative, open minded and ready to take initiative.

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CAPEC Volunteer Opportunities Cameroon, Africa - Environmental Education / Tree Planting/Gardening

Volunteering in Cameroon - Africa
Organic Agriculture

Our school has a piece of land where the children plant their vegetables to be self-sustained and also to create revenue  which support us to buy school materials such as pen, pencils and chalk for the school. For the next academic year, the school intends to start  a poultry farm .By taking part in this project, volunteers can also learn the local culture,languages,mediation and organic farming methods.

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CAPEC Volunteer Opportunities Cameroon, Africa - Organic Agriculture

Volunteering in Cameroon - Africa

There are lot of needy and underprivileged children who are abandoned to their fate in Cameroon. Most of these children do not all have Cameroonian origins. Some of them especially street children around Yaoundé come into Cameroon from neighbouring countries. In support to the government policy to handle issues concerning vulnerable and underprivileged children, kind hearted and humanitarian gestures in favour of these children could only be the work of individuals, churches and other organisations.

Job description

Volunteers would be expected to help children in their school work, teach languages (English, German, French, etc...) and improve the children's computer skills and environmental sciences. They will also be expected to create activities which will be beneficial to the kids, such as sporting activities and outdoor activities (arts and crafts, music, and painting). Volunteers will have to take part in every aspect in the lives of the orphans from joining them in doing their laundry and also cooking with them. Counsel the children on HIV/ AIDS, human rights, sexual education, malaria, cholera and dental care. Volunteers with medical or nursing experiences are welcome to help in the centre's infirmary. Volunteers will also spend time with orphans, assisting or planning activities based on the needs of the orphanage.

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CAPEC Volunteer Opportunities Cameroon, Africa - Orphanages

Volunteering in Cameroon - Africa
Rehabilitation Centres for the Handicapped

This is a multi functional centre catering for the problems of handicapped persons. The major activity of the centre is the nursery and primary school for the handicapped. In this school, 5% of the pupils are handicapped and need specially trained individuals to take care of them. The teachers who teach here have not received this special training. The centre also has a consultation, surgical and hospitalization section, specialized in medical problems regarding the handicapped. There is also a physiotherapist section. These sections have very aging personnel who are over worked .There is no need re-emphasizing the fact that volunteers will be very welcomed.

The centre also has a production unit where artificial and supporting limbs are made for those who need them. Apart of being a health establishment, the centre also offers home to more than 30 handicapped persons who have been abandoned by their families. The number of persons hospitalized here is also quite important. As earlier mentioned, the centre works basically for the handicapped and so any person who can help this group of persons to rebuild their morals and to forget their present state will be most welcome. Also, any person coming to the centre must learn how to deal with them because there are very sensitive.

Volunteer job description

The centre needs the services of  both qualified and unqualified volunteers. Qualified nurses, physiotherapists, and teachers specially trained in handling handicapped persons will be welcomed. Untrained volunteers who can introduce entertainment and leisure activities for these handicapped persons are also welcomed. Volunteers could also organize counselling sessions on HIV/AIDS and others.

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CAPEC Volunteer Opportunities Cameroon, Africa - Rehabilitation Centres for the Handicapped

Volunteering in Cameroon - Africa

Community Sports projects are a great tool for helping the development of children from disadvantaged areas and especially school children for easy assimilation. As sport is part of our curriculum and has to be done from class 2 to class 6, volunteers will come up with different programs for all the classes.

Additionally, volunteers can organize and lead activities designed to promote physical, mental and social development, such as games, arts and crafts, music, and storytelling.

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CAPEC Volunteer Opportunities Cameroon, Africa - Sports/Games/Recreation

Volunteering in Cameroon - Africa
Teach Music to children at school

This program is designed more to help out the children and youngsters when it comes to their early preparation and basic musical studies in order to fulfill the exigencies and expectations in the growing market of music.

As an NGO school, our tiny budget cannot afford lots of teachers for the kids and the youngster's activities. It's really important to introduce both groups to the joy of music in a very unique way, as they need to be ready soon to take the next step in their concert-going experience.

All the staff in the school strive to build a pleasant environment for teamwork. With volunteers, they envision focusing on the process involved in rehearsing and communicating so students will acknowledge that any musical product is ruled by the accomplishment of their interaction.

The main goal of this project is to coach children and youngster with ethics, creativity, cultural keys, individuality and a good knowledge of the main musical values for a successful career.

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CAPEC Volunteer Opportunities Cameroon, Africa - Teach Music to children at school

Volunteering in Cameroon - Africa
Teaching Positions

Volunteers and volunteer-interns assist in teaching English language, mathematics, geography, history, cookery, human rights etc. A local teacher in the school will guide volunteers and interns. They will shadow the volunteer to become familiar with the school, the children, and the teaching curriculum during the first week of classes. If the volunteer or intern is ready at the beginning of the second week, he or she may begin teaching independently or still work hand in hand with the local teacher. Apart from teaching, some other task related to teaching includes, assign, grade class, prepare home works, read books to the entire classes or small groups, confer with parents or guardians, teacher, counselor, and administration in order to resolve pupil's behavioral and academic problems.

Volunteers shall also perform administrative duties such as assisting in the office, attending to parents, given materials to teacher taking from the store, help in typing school exams for printing and also enable the junior class to respond to their pen pal letters. Volunteers staying from 2 months and above are advice to come with their laptops and digital cameras.

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CAPEC Volunteer Opportunities Cameroon, Africa - Teaching Positions

Volunteering in Cameroon - Africa
Volunteer in hospital and local health centres

The medical program is attached to hospitals in Yaoundé and in the rural areas of Cameroon. Volunteers on this program need to be registered medical doctors or nurses and students intending to be medical professionals. Volunteers work with local doctors to assist in the daily medical routine - applying dressings, prescribing minor medication, recording patient history, patient consultations, minor surgeries, and counseling patients. Volunteers can work in the areas of maternal health, surgery, laboratories, dental clinics, counseling, and testing. In rural areas patients have to walk very long distances in order to see a medical doctor or receive medical attention.

Volunteer profile Specialist (Doctors and trained nurses), Medical and pre-medical students, Researchers of medical field, HIV/AIDS Counselors.

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CAPEC Volunteer Opportunities Cameroon, Africa - Volunteer in hospital and local health centres

Volunteering at CAPEC Cameroon
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