Leadership and Training

Let's Make a Difference

CAPEC builds communities where young people and their adult allies come together to create positive social change. CAPEC designs and implements community-based programs that provide youth with leadership skills in the areas of drug and alcohol abuse prevention, philanthropy, and civic engagement.

Building on these real-world program experiences, CAPEC creates curricula and training programs that foster social change efforts across the Cameroon, all while promoting best practices in the field of youth development. Our leadership program is carried out annual for youths between the ages of 15 to 35years.

The aim of our leadership program is as follows:

Gain an understanding of your current leadership strengths and development needs.

Learn how personality and interaction preferences help or impede your ability to influence others.

Receive honest evaluations of your leadership style and behavior and come away with a tangible and practical development direction.

Apply effective influencing tactics.

Learn how to improve the performance of your work group by better understanding human interaction.

Create successful strategies for managing conflict.

Leadership and Training

Establish relationships with people in the program who are at the same stage in their careers.

Set a clear direction for future development.

Our Approach

  1. Leadership Training – Customized training to develop leadership in areas such as communication skills, organizational ability, strategic thinking and civic engagement.
  2. Hands-on Leadership Experience – Leadership experience by serving as an intern on one of our partner institution. CAPEC Scholars will assist in developing and managing CAPEC's programs (e.g., mentorship program, leadership career panels, etc.). Each trainee will be given projects, goals and deadlines to meet and will put skills gleaned from leadership training into practice.
  3. Mentorship – Each participant will be paired with multiple mentors to facilitate leadership and career path development. Mentors will come from our collaborating partners.

Furthermore, CAPEC Scholars will serve as "CAPEC Ambassadors" to promote and raise awareness of CAPEC programs in their schools and communities. Through leadership training, serving as an Advisory Group intern, and the mentorship of other youths, CAPEC will help Scholars build a toolbox of leadership skills and experiences to ultimately help in the college application process while building a solid foundation for future career development.

Youth Exchange

Is your school / university group or your organisation up to The Challenge? An experience of a lifetime, to make a difference within an African community and helping orphan children and underprivileged, teaching in a rural community? Our Youth Exchange offers unique educational and cultural packages that introduce you and your group to the wonders of Cameroon. Our expert advice and knowledge of destinations goes beyond sight-seeing. We specialize in integrating the traveller(s) with the local communities, for an authentic experience, through educational, humanitarian and Cultural activities. While we pre-arrange all travel details so you can maximize your time in Cameroon, we also recognize the importance of independent time to explore and 'escape.' Cultural Embrace customizes a balanced itinerary to meet your schedule, budget, interests, and passion.

Program Objectives

Providing opportunity and facilities for the social, educational, cultural and physical development of young people Providing exposure and actual orientation on the work of the Cameroonian youths relating to peace-building, youth employment, HIV/AIDS Prevention Development of a youth network committed to and knowledgeable in effective, youth-friendly strategies for community development Provide skills in leadership, facilitation, proposal writing program, planning and evaluation as well as budgeting and financial management Encourage young Cameroonian to develop a life-long interest and involvement in Cameroon through opportunities to explore innovative, citizen-driven development.

Type of Program

Adventure Travel Community Service/Volunteerism Cultural Exploration Language Immersion Student Tours Environmental Education for Children.