Gender and Capacity Building

Let's Make a Difference

The capacities of vulnerable and marginalized groups are strengthened to ensure effective participation in development issues within their community for the improvement of their livelihoods.

Communities adopt gender sensitive approaches and involve more women and youth in the decision making process.

Equality for Change

The project deals with the area of gender equality with emphasis on overcoming stereotypical roles and empowering women in the field of multimedia tool use.

DURATION: 1st. Feburary 2015- 31st July 2016

PARTNERS: PiNA – leading partner (Slovenia, Koper) – applicant, CESIE (Italy, Palermo), TYCEN (Tanzania, Dar es Salaam), KVDA (Kenya, Nairobi), CAPEC (Cameroon, Yaounde), De Lindenberg (The Netherlands, Nijmegen)

THE PROJECT IS SUPPORTED BY: Erasmus+, KA2 Capacity building in the field of Youth

REFERENCE NUMBER: 2014-1052/001-001



The project tackles the challenge of one of the basic social principles – integration of the gender equality principle. CAPEC is one of the partners, collaborate with five organisations from Italy, the Netherlands, Kenya, Slovenia and Tanzania, all striving to improve the communication competences of young women and implement new knowledge in the local environments, with the goal of greater empowerment and a more active social participation of women.

Gender and Capacity Building


CAPEC perform local training for female youth workers, women groups and participated in international workshops in Italy and Slovenia.

The first Conference focuses on: Rural women enhancing agriculture and rural development, gender rights and growth, improving food security and eradicating rural poverty.

The main aim was to bring rural women to the understanding of their rights, their important role in the community on food security, and above all eradicating to rural poverty amongst them.

Another activity which CAPEC has carried under the Equality for Change Project is raising awareness on Domestic and Gender Violence. The workshop aims toIncrease women’s awareness of laws and rights related to gender equality; engage men, including perpetrators of violence, in changing unequal gender norms and practices; and Promote better enforcement of laws that protect women against violence

Another workshop carried under this project was on CURBING TEENAGE PREGNANCY AND IMPROVING ON THEIR LIVELIHOOD.The main aim was to bring teenage mothers to serve as ambassadors for the reduction of teenage pregnancy in their communities hence eradicating generational poverty and reducing societal burden.

We have also done a campaign on Safe School for girls- Stop Sexual Harassment.We aim to strengthen our laws to ensure that our schools are free from sexual violence and harassment. We want to improve safety on our campuses, where assault and harassment are too prevalent and often go unreported and unchecked. Above all, we want to challenge and change the deep-rooted attitudes and behaviors that contribute to sexual violence and harassment